Welcome to Rullo Communications

Rullo Communications is a consensus medical communications company founded in 2008. With more than 25 years of experience in healthcare marketing, medical education and multimedia, founder, Bob Rullo has built a premier organization with a focus on providing our clients with the most talented pool of medical communications experts available to develop innovative, high quality educational initiatives. With the numerous changes in the healthcare industry and the dramatic evolution of medical education and scientific communications, Rullo Communications with its forward-thinking approach, is poised to deliver state-of-the-art initiatives that maximize today’s expanding media opportunities and focus on the principles of adult learning.

Our Blueprint


Firmitatis, Utilitatis, Venustatis: Durability, Utility, Beauty: the key principles of great architecture according to early 1st Century Roman architect, Vitruvius. See how we apply this time-tested philosophy to the architecture of effective communications



Architectural design is
3-dimensional . . . so is effective communications. Therefore our services are designed offer our clients a multifaceted, multidimensional approach to exchanging ideas and information. Learn more our services here.



Great architecture needs to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. Enjoy this small sampling of our creative and functional body of work in communications.