Account Services

Our Client Services group is purposefully staffed with individuals with a wide range of experience including publishing, marketing, sales, training, patient education, and managed care. This affords us the ability to work closely with our clients in a variety of clinical/ scientific, commercial and regulatory initiatives in the development of key strategies that will benefit the product. In addition to ensuring the timely delivery of projects, we understand the importance of developing programs and materials that are consistent with our client’s communications strategy. To that end, our process provides for review by senior staff on both the account and scientific/medical teams to ensure adherence to the overall message and strategy. While we can adapt and respond to tight timelines and deadlines, we are vigilant about adhering to a well-structured approach to content development and implementation that will deliver results. We see the phases of tactical execution broken down into two key parts, content development and implementation. We take a proactive forward-thinking approach with regards to tactical execution.

Our goal is to execute the highest quality product that aligns specifically to the strategic imperatives and unmet educational needs, while aggressively managing budget and timing considerations. We have found that this is best accomplished through ongoing and open dialogue between with our client partners. Our planning meetings are primarily held using a variety of on-line communications tools such as Skype, desktop video conferencing, and WebEX to deliver our nationwide expertise at the minimum possible costs. Using these tools, our team works closely to manage projects including where appropriate, daily meetings addressing specific tasks and weekly status meetings bringing the entire team on-line to review projects and to ensure that all members understand the deliverables for any given assignment. Our satellite office located in Orangevale, California includes 1100-sq. ft. of dedicated office space, including a conference and training area, a secured high-speed computer network, workstations for up to six employees or guests, commercial color printing capabilities, teleconferencing equipment, and an extensive set of software tools for business operations and customer graphics production.