Our Philosophy

Manuscript of Vitruvius; parchment dating from about 1390

De architectura written by early 1st Century Roman architect, Vitruvius is one of the earliest written works on architecture. In this text, Vitruvius outlines the key principles of great architecture, firmitatis utilitatis venustatis or durability, utility, and beauty. Centuries later, these basic principles remain at the core of today’s architectural design.

  • Durable: strong, standing the test of time
  • Utility: functional, usable
  • Beauty: pleasing, delightful, enjoyable

Although most people relate the work of an architect to the design and construction of buildings and other structures, these key principles are inherent in communications as well.

An architect strives to create, through innovation, something imaginative, unique and memorable. An architect takes pride in the beauty of
simplicity . . . making the complex . . . simple. Through an in-depth assessment of the barriers and variability of the task at hand, the architect visualizes the end result long before the mission begins.

The same is true in designing effective communications. The creation of a simple well-told story can change attitudes and behaviors; and like a work of art, can be delivered in an imaginative manner that touches the audience in a meaningful way.

At Rullo Communications, our blueprint to success is grounded in story telling. Making the complex, simple and functional . . . built with imagination and creativity for a memorable learning experience.